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SOCXS is a cool new way that creates your 'Fan Network™'. It unifies your media & simplifies your engagement with fans. It's your all media access. It's 'all about you'.

What are you a fan of...

Football? Video Games? Hollywood? Let us build your ultimate fan experience, follow everything you are interested in. Tell us what you like and we'll build it.


All Media @ You

@Celebrities... @Sports... @Games...
@Companies... @FanClubs

Your App

Bring everything back to you... your home

Across All Channels

Web, Social, Mobile, Search

Reach Your Fans

Be where they spend time



Losing Control? Can't keep up?

Too many channels... tools... networks...
Crowd is fragmented & locked into many silos.


SOCXS gives control back to you

Rally your crowd around a unified 'all media' experience.
Your crowd stays engaged and spreads it forward.



  • Erin TJOE™ »

    Miss Hong Kong 2014

    “SOCXS is a fun new experience. SOCXS refreshed my brand and my social presence. Thank you!”

  • Pasadena NOW »

    “SOCXS is all social, all in one place. We love it – brilliant!”

    James Macpherson

    Founder & Publisher at Pasadena NOW

  • Inspiring Media & Wisdom »

    “SOCXS allows me to easily manage my online presence. It simplifies the publishing of my brand across the web, social, mobile and search.”

    Debbie Gisonni

    CEO of Stillheart Institute, Writer for Huffington Post & SF Examiner

  • Legacy Through Giving »

    A Lions Club Project

    “How many times do we come across a technology that is a game changer? SOCXS truly is! SOCXS simplifies the entire process, our entire online presence including fundraising. Bringing it all together!”

    Michael Chan

    Lions Club District President, Founder of Lions of Life Campaign, Founder of Legacy Through Giving Foundation

  • Enconcert Hard Rock Café »

    Pinktober Live at Nashville Event

    “Socxs made social network integration a snap for us. Starting from scratch, in a matter of days we had a fully integrated social web experience for our recent Nashville live music event. Brilliant!”

    Ted Vucurevich

    CEO and Founder of Enconcert and former CTO of Cadence

  • Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club »

    SOCXS brought the 2014 Health Summit with Dr. Oz to life. It all came together simply and beautifully.

  • noHold Albert »

    Enhanced Help Desk

    “We used SOCXS to harvest relevant social media as it relates to our industry. It is a great listening tool, but best of all is making this data available to our audience through our brand. It’s so simple – just click and search – via the SOCXS dashboard.”

    Stephany Ventura

    Marketing Executive at noHold, Albert Virtual Agent

  • Wise Solutions »

    Green Chemistry: Protecting Humans and Environment

    “Socxs transformed our web presence adding social media, and creating new messaging channels to our market. SOCXS enabled easy sharing of our catalog with partners, all created and fully integrated in just a few days.”

    Jeremiah Ridenour

    CEO and Founder of Wise Solutions, Inc.

  • Malaysian Women Marathon »

    The 1st marathon for women in South East Asia

    “We used Socxs to manage our media strategy to make it easier for us to get all our social media responses. It created an outreach for us to view our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites so much easier. We are definitely coming back for more!”

    Karen Loh

    Race Director for the Malaysia Women Marathon