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Problem: Multiplier Nightmare - Many-to-Many Isn't Working

Imagine you are an NFL football team with 7 stars and each has their own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Google+, your fans (and friends, family, followers) will have to follow you from 48x different places. There is no way your fans can see all about you.

  • Your brand presence is fragmented across many social channels and continues to silo.
  • Your brand strategy is to blanket the market rather than engage.
  • Your presence is becoming unmanageable.
  • You don’t own your fans, friends or followers - or even your social platform.
  • You are losing opportunities to grow community and 1:1 relationships with your fans.

Simply put, many-to-many isn’t working and is becoming a multiplier nightmare

Solution: Get SOCXS And Bring Your Fans Back To You!
The SOCXS Platform gives you back the control of your content and media, and delivers a new brand consolidated experience. Now, you can deliver a consistent, all access, media pass through any mobile app, website or embeddable widget. With SOCXS you can bring your 3Fs (friends, followers, and fans) into a single, Integrated Fan Experience. SOCXS is a game changer!

Now brands – entertainers, sports teams, companies, and agencies – can give their fans, friends and followers (investors) an all access media pass to an Integrated Fan Experience.

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